Wood e o romance moderno

31 01 2008

Mais James Wood. Trechos de uma entrevista onde ele critica o romance moderno. Pessoalmente, acho que muito do que ele fala se aplica ao romance moderno brasileiro.

What I’m most interested in, as a critic, is what we might nebulously call human truth a true account of the world as we experience it, and of the full difficulty of being in that world. Creating living characters, and writing fiction expressing what Henry James called “the present palpable intimate,” entails, for me at least, some kind of morality. Requiring readers to put themselves into the minds of many different kinds of other people is a moral action on the part of the author. So when I feel that reality is being exaggerated or made cartoonish which is what I mean by hysterical realism seems to me that one crucial issue at stake is morality.


It might sound strange, since I criticize writers like Don DeLillo so fiercely, but I do like novels set clearly in the present age, novels full of palpabilities. I think that’s what the novel can still do better than any other medium journalism doesn’t provide me with news about the current state of the soul. Part of my anxiety and unease about novels by Foster Wallace, Franzen, and others is that they have swallowed a great deal of journalism, sociology, and cultural studies, which means they are no longer doing something that’s not replaceable that another medium can’t do as well or better.


If an earlier generation of writers Pynchon and DeLillo, for example took too many drugs, the current crop may have taken too many critical theory seminars. Instead of resisting virulent new forms of inauthenticity, they often settle for satirizing the culture always an easy thing to do. But a novel that doesn’t practice resistance isn’t earning its keep.



One response

9 02 2008

Estou lendo e procurando muitas informações sobre o hysterical realism e “googleando” encontrei esse trecho do Wood no teu blog. Em que tu acha que a crítica dele se aplica na literatura brasileira. Pensaste em algum livro específico? Eu tenho dois em mente, mas aí discordo dele. Corpo Estranho da Adriana Lunardi e Mãos de Cavalo do Daniel Galera. São livro em que a informação precisa e quase jornalística aparecem. Mas eu não vejo problema, acho que isso aproxima o narrador do personagem de maneira tal que a informação deve se assim, detalhada. E também, isso condiz com a nossa época, essa precisão internética; acho que esses livros estão dentro da nossa era.
Òtimo o blog.

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