that idiotic thing called a perfect triad

5 11 2008

Eu falei que diatonicismo enche o saco. Veja o que disse meu compositor favorito, também se sentindo sufocado por clichés tonais.

Agora, entre você, — que vive em tempos de tv, radio, internet e ipod — e ele, que morreu em 1918, quem você acha que ouviu mais música tonal?

Debussy’s letters, especially those written in 1894, are full of anguish and raillery against what he saw as the limits that his training had placed on his fantasy. “I’ve spent days trying to capture that ‘nothing’ that Mélisande is made of,” he wrote to one friend. To another he wondered whether there was anything left for a composer to do anymore but recycle clichés: “Impossible to count how often since Gluck people have died to the chord of the [Neapolitan] sixth, and now, from [Massenet’s] Manon to Isolde, they do it to the diminished seventh! And as for that idiotic thing called a perfect triad, it’s only habit, like going in a cafe! As for old Arkel, he “comes from beyond the grave and has that objective prophetic gentleness of those who are soon to die–all of which has to be expressed with do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do!!! What a profession!

Takuskin citando Debussy (The Oxford History of Western Music, vol. 4, p.89)




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